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Damavand Mountain

Mount Damāvand (InPersian: (دماوند) A dormant volcano, located in middleAlborz Range with 5671m elevation is the highest point in Iran (Persia) and isthe highest peak in Middle Eastand the highest volcano in Asia. Damavand has a special place in Persian mythology and folklore
The mountain is located near the southern coastof the Caspian (Māzandarān) Sea, near to “Poloor” village (About90 KM) northeast of Tehran. It isclearly visible from Tehran. The nearest major town to Mount Damāvand is city ofLārījān, famous for its hot springs.
There are 3 known glaciers in Damavand by the name of: Yakhar, Siyoleh, Dubisel. The best season for ascending the peak is June to September. In thisseason weather condition is usually stable, though there could be snowfall evenin mid-summer.
The starting place for climbing is 110 km far from Tehran.

Routes to the summit:

There are at least 16 known routes to the summit which have differentdifficulties. Some of them are very dangerous and need rock and ice climbing. Four ofthem are more known: Southern route, northern route, North-eastern route andWestern route.
The most popular route is the Southern Route which has stepstamps and also a camp midway at el=4200 m. It is known by “Bargah-e sevom”. There is a new shelter like a hotel with restaurant. Also thereis a frozen waterfall (Ābshār-e Yakhī), at el=5000 m in this way.
The longestroute is the North-eastern and it takes two whole days to reach the summitstarting from downhill village of “Nāndal” and a night stay at “Takht-e Fereydoun” shelter (4300 m).
The western route is famous for its sunsetview. “Simorg” shelter in this route at (4100 m) is a newly constructed shelterwith two stories.
To get to Damavand from the north we have to drive through a beautiful meadow. Having two shelters in the heights of 4000 and 5000 meters creates good opportunity for acclimatization. While ascending via this route, you will see two of the permanent glaciers of Damavand, which are more than 700 meters high. It is worth mentioning that this route is under the shadow of the mountain, so it is colder than other routes.

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